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Hünnebeck in the UK | FalPro V1

FalPro V1

Mobile Fall Protection Anchor V1 for PPE

FalPro V1

FalPro V1

FalPro V1

FalPro V1

FalPro V1

Advanced development - stronger components for even more stability

Product advantages

Worker using FalPro V1

Work productively

  • Anchoring to the building is not necessary - FalPro V1 is immediately ready for use.
  • No impact on structural analysis
  • The device may be relocated and transported by just one person using suitable and permitted means of transport.
  • The attachment of approved loading straps or 4-rod harness for relocation with a crane is made possible by the four foldable lashing rings on the base plate.
  • On flat surfaces with an angle less than 5°, the design of the device allows the operator to individually determine the position of their anchor.
Using FalPro V1 on high building

Work safely

  • FalPro is used to secure a person against falling; can also be used for the installation of PROTECTO fall protection system
  • Overhead anchor point prevents from tripping hazards
  • In its default position, the anchor point is 7.7 feet / 2.35 m above the installation surface. Therefore, also can also be used within the floors
  • To increase safety, the safety device is activated even before the maximum load is exceeded. This independently results in a slight shift of the anchor whilst simultaneously securing the anchor against rotation.
  • Base plate equipped with anti-slip mats

Technical data

Device weight

Min. 1113.3 lbs / 505 kg

Anchor point height in the default state

7.7 feet / 2.35 m

Anchor point height in safety position

3.8 feet / 1.15 m

Lowest base diameter

6.8 feet / 2.08 m

Largest base diameter

7.4 feet / 2.25 m

Anti-slip segments

12 pieces

Sliding friction

μ 0.65 µ +/- 5 %

Pressure force of the safety unit

Min. 29050 N Max. 30327 N

Triggering time of safety unit

Min 1.5 sec. Max 2.0 sec.

Corrosion protection primer, base Epoxy resin

Min. 60µm

Topcoat RAL (standard)

3001 signal red 9003 signal white

Lashing rings

4 pieces 4000 N each

Trigger force of the safety device

1.1 – 1.5 kN Exceeding

Hydraulic oil


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