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Hünnebeck in the UK | ST 60

ST 60 is an innovative shoring system remarkable for its easy handling and exceptional safety.

ST 60

ST 60 focuses on just six basic parts to allow a high utilization rate. The low weight
of the parts (max. 15 kg each) and ergonomic board transfer ensure quick, safe and effortless work. The modular design enables the construction of shoring towers that can withstand high loads, in three system dimensions.

Videos & photos

ST 60 - the shoring system for maximum safety. See here how to assemble and dismantle the system.

ST 60 towers in use.

The MODEX nodes on the ST 60 frame allow friction-locked connections in eight directions.

Tension- and compression-proof connection of the frames with bayonet fasteners.

Thanks to the flexible system dimensions, ST 60 can be adapted to all site requirements.

Safe assembly at all times thanks to all-round side protection.

High system utilisation and cost-effectiveness due to few basic components.

Simple and ergonomic transfer of the decking to the next level thanks to patented transfer procedure.


Technical data

Basic dimensions

3 tower widths with just two frames; 113 x 113 cm | 150 x 150 cm | 113 x 150 cm

Typical application heights

3.00 to 15.00 m


Load class 4 (drop test approved acc. to EN 12811)

Relevant standards

Complies with EN 12811 | EN 12812

Max. load

240 kN per shoring tower (60 kN per post)


Secure with wedge mechanism

Corrosion protection

Hot-dip galvanised

Special features

  • Up to 62 cm jack height
  • Tight and pressure-resistant frame connections with bayonet fastener
  • Frames secured in position for safe transportation
  • Just one stacking rack for all frame sizes
  • Decks designed to prevent slipping when stacked

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