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Hünnebeck in the UK | MANTO® G3/G3M

The new generation of our 80 kN wall formwork system for large wall areas and big challenges is now more efficient than ever.


Create large surfaces even more economically with the new generation of the 80 kN/m² wall formwork system.

Videos & photos

MANTO G3 allows single-sided tying during forming and stripping. Find out more in this video.

In this video, we show you how the wedge alignment lock enables quick and easy panel connections. For secure, tight and aligned connections. The wedge lock remains captive on the panel.

 Panels can be used horizontally and vertically and combined in any way.

Wide range of panel sizes up to a height of 3.30 m.

Time and cost savings due to single-sided tie system.

Optimum results due to internal tie points and plastic formwork skin.

Robust and durable due to fully galvanised steel frame with plastic formwork facing.


Product advantages

Pre-assembled Platform
Hot-dip galvanised steel frame
Transport Hook

Work safely

Our Partner

Available with alkus® solid plastic panel.

    - Enables top quality exposed concrete
    - Easy to repair using identical material without any loss of quality
    - No shrinking, swelling or rotting, 7 year long-term warranty
    - No moisture absorption and no delamination


Technical data

Panel widths

30 | 45 | 60 | 75 | 90 | 105 | 120 | 240 cm

Panel heights

120 | 270 | 330 cm

Multipurpose panels

75 x 120 | 75 x 270 | 75 x 330 cm

Profile height

14 cm steel frame profile (closed)

Formwork skin

ECOPLY plastic form sheet (19 mm thick) | Plywood (18 mm thick)

Average weight

47 to 75 kg/m² (including connectors)

Max. concrete pressure

80 kN/m² (line 6, sometimes also line 7)

Corrosion protection

Steel frame and connectors fully hot-dip galvanised

Applicable standards

Complies with EN 1993 | DIN 18202 | DIN 18218 | DIN 18216

Standard connection

Aligning Panel Clamps (aligned and flush connection) | Tapered alignment coupler

Special connection

Adjustable alignment clamps | Outer Corner clamps | Universal connectors

Inner corners

35x120 cm, 35x270 cm, 35x330 cm

Hinged corners

60° up to max. 175° angle

Outer corners

Basic panel with Outer Corner Clamps

Forming/stripping times

t = 0.2 – 0.4 hours/m²

Special features

  • Large panels 240 | 360 | 480 x 270 cm
  • MANTO® Shaft Corner easier forming of shafts
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Flexible choice of tie system
  • Single-sided tying possible



Panel widths

60 | 90 | 120 | 240 cm

Panel heights

120 | 270 | 330 cm

Average weight

55 to 83 kg/m² (including connectors)

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